My Writing Process

Having previously been a newspaper editor, the Associated Press Stylebook has been my writing bible for a long time; standards it promotes are ingrained in my professional writing. However, a blog is not a newspaper. I’m not bound by the same steadfast rules as I once was (i.e. no using “I,” always write in past tense, etc).

In these first few months, I’ll be figuring out the specifics of my personal gaming journalism editing style. For those with a keen eye, you’ll notice when I italicize an element in one review then put the same element in quotes in the next. There’s no consensus regarding these small editing details among the major gaming sites, which makes this all the more difficult. It will be a fluid process, one which I appreciate your understanding of.

What I can tell you is this: my reviews and other writings are written with respect for video games and those who craft them. I critique the industry with the understanding that a lot of hard work goes into making the games we love. No, creators don’t always get things right, and that’s okay. Through honest and insightful reviews, said creators can learn from their successes and missteps to produce better art in the future. This doesn’t mean my critiques won’t sometimes be harsh; they need to be at times. But it does mean they won’t be mean spirited or spiteful.

Thank you to everyone for supporting my work here at A Gaymer’s Tale. What I create on this blog is my own artistic expression, and I hope it helps to bring stability to the world of gaming and shed light on LGBT+ issues and topics within the industry.